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SeedIn Cambodia is the leading online financing platform which provides financial assistance to businesses and individuals to bridge illiquidity situation in a timely manner.

Under the umbrella of SeedIn holding located in Singapore, we are having presence in multiple countries across Asia. Till date, SeedIn has facilitated over USD $0 worth of funds to businesses and individuals.

Being a Financial Technology (FinTech) company, SeedIn implements top-notch Technology and Software tools to enable a more efficient financial system.

As SeedIn continues to grow, our full-fledged team, which includes talents from various areas of expertise, focuses its expertise in the following areas: Business Analysis, Credit Risk Control, Information Technology, Corporate Finance and Corporate Network. By having a pool of dedicated personnel from different regions and backgrounds, we hope to provide great value to our customers.

Dr. S. P. T. Krishnan Scientist - Data Analytics, Computer Security and Cloud
Computing Google Developer Expert


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